Philly Design Adventure Times!

Another annual AIGA Leadership Retreat has come and gone.  This event is one of those experiences where one feels fortunate to be a part of. (gah! ending on a preposition! oh, well…)  Every year local chapters wrangle a representative (or 2, or 3, or 5…depending on the size of the chapter) to come to one […]

Because Jessica Hische is awesome.

Duh!   We all know that!   Jessica Hische seems to be everywhere I turn lately…seen here, there, and everywhere.  While I was researching a topic on website design for an online class I’m taking, I stumbled across Don’t Fear the Internet, created by Hische and Russ Maschmeyer.  This site is perfect for print designers […]


Obsessions.   We all have them.  Some days I feel like we designers have way more than most.  Most of the time I become obsessed with ideas or techniques (or new typefaces….hellllllllllo Ostrich!).  Right now I am obsessed with notebooks.  Lots of them. Oodles of noodles of them.   Why, you ask?  The Design Observer […]

(new) Year’s Update!

So!  The New Year’s project has been going along quite swimmingly!  I’m on painting number 55 and I’ve moved into some textural pieces.  It’s been really interesting to just see where each day takes me.  Some of the paintings have become more illustrative in nature and have sparked a new project that I will be […]

(new) Year’s Resolution

Well. It’s that time of year again.  The time of making (and breaking?) resolutions for the new years.  I usually don’t do this traditional past time but I decided to break from my own ways.  I decided to resolve. To resolution?  To resolute? So here it is.  My ponderances lead me to thinking about my […]

For the love of inspiration!!!

Oh, for the love of inspiration!  What to do when you have none? It happens to the best of us. The dry well. The flatline.  The clenching fear of nothingness.  The lack of inspiration.  Whether from burnout or just plain-old “hey-I-have-no-idea-what-to-do-for-this-project/client” syndrome, creativity sometimes takes a backseat to other things in our lives. The question […]

Typography of a Town

Hello world,   The other week was my class’s field trip to Harpers Ferry.  My students are given an assignment to “work for” National Geographic (get the cover shot and inside article supporting shots) and were to document their concept while we were at Harpers Ferry.  I have been doing this trip for a number […]