We all have them.  Some days I feel like we designers have way more than most.  Most of the time I become obsessed with ideas or techniques (or new typefaces….hellllllllllo Ostrich!).  Right now I am obsessed with notebooks.  Lots of them. Oodles of noodles of them.


Why, you ask?  The Design Observer Group did an article on Michael Bierut’s 85 notebooks and this made me think of my piles of notebooks, just sitting there gathering dust.  Whereas my sketchbooks have been predominately in the “idea struck by lightning” stage, Beirut’s has a more organic flow, not just of books but of style of content.  This has re-inspired me greatly.  Typically I work in a black sketchbook that is spiral bound. I cut and paste and draw and doodle and get ideas out, but without much organization and structure.  Bierut to the rescue!  I shall keep doing what I do with my sketchbooks, but I am going to start a side project of notebooks for projects (rather than my current method of working on projects where I doodle ideas on post-it notes…egad! yes, I know, that’s bad!).


So what is your current design obsession(s)?  Do tell!


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