(new) Year’s Resolution


It’s that time of year again.  The time of making (and breaking?) resolutions for the new years.  I usually don’t do this traditional past time but I decided to break from my own ways.  I decided to resolve. To resolution?  To resolute?

So here it is.  My ponderances lead me to thinking about my art.  As most of you know, I work a lot on it, but can get bogged down in the serious side of things. So I am going on a bit of a lark this  year.  I am going to do a painting a day. Not a masterpiece a day, just a nice lighthearted painting to keep my creative juices flowing.  By the time all is said and done I will have a years worth of daily doodles to look upon.  So far this has been going pretty well and I’m hoping it will unblock some of my blocks.

Qui sait?!  🙂



Messy drafting table!!




I did something similar to this in concept, but on a smaller scale, with one of the Digital Photo classes I taught.  I found a tumblr blog that does photo a day challenges for various months (seen HERE!) (There are other ones out there, fyi, this is just one of the many). Everyone had a lot of fun with it (unless they lied to me!) (I had fun!) and this was the foundation for the 365 painting challenge.

So. Here’s to a new year and a new you and a new me. Well, hopefully not NEW new us, but the us with a bit of newness!

Happy fresh year,



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