Typography of a Town

Hello world,


The other week was my class’s field trip to Harpers Ferry.  My students are given an assignment to “work for” National Geographic (get the cover shot and inside article supporting shots) and were to document their concept while we were at Harpers Ferry.  I have been doing this trip for a number of years and I typically go along and shoot my own images as they’re taking theirs.  This time I decided to try something different.  This time I gave myself an assignment.  What fonts describe a town? 






With this in mind, I began my exploration of Harpers Ferry with new eyes.  Since it is part of our National Park system there was, of course, a plethora of default “bossy” fonts (go here, see this, do that, don’t park, park, do not enter, YOU ARE HERE!!) but the signage in the town was rather remarkable.  I was suprised by how much of it was handlettered (particularly the restaurants, menu and all). 


Take a look of the set of images on my Flickr page and let me know what you see as a recurring theme. (I know I saw quite a few themes!!)  I’m curious to see your synthesis of the typography of the town.


Design on,



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