Eternal Design?

Hello, world!

Today’s blog may teeter on the macabre but there is something that has been pestering me as a designer.  Gravestone design.  While I understand not everyone wants a “fancy” headstone, what about us designers?  I personally do not want a default font to represent me for eternity.  So I ask all of you this….if given a chance, would you design your own?  What fonts would you use and why would you want to do this?  Or is it best to “fit in” and look like the rest?

I brought this idea/concept up to my class today and we had a really interesting conversation on it.  I thought I’d see what the rest of the world thought of this topic as well.

Personally I have given this a lot of thought and I know I will want to design my own (be sure to package your design so they have your fonts to use in the engraving process(when they need to add the details)!), because I feel like it’s my last chance to make a mark on this world and one that will represent me. (Please no default font! Gah!)

As I said, this is not for everyone, but does anyone know anyone that has designed for this area?  I think it could be an interesting offshoot.

On a happier note, here’s an adorable photo of my cat to sign off with:

Design on!

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