Typography of a Town

Hello world,   The other week was my class’s field trip to Harpers Ferry.  My students are given an assignment to “work for” National Geographic (get the cover shot and inside article supporting shots) and were to document their concept while we were at Harpers Ferry.  I have been doing this trip for a number […]

Eternal Design?

Hello, world! Today’s blog may teeter on the macabre but there is something that has been pestering me as a designer.  Gravestone design.  While I understand not everyone wants a “fancy” headstone, what about us designers?  I personally do not want a default font to represent me for eternity.  So I ask all of you […]

I heart it!

I heart it! You heart it! We heart it! Or, weheartit.com to be more precise.  I love this site for inspiration.  Doing a brochure?  Check out submitted brochure designs.  Doing a photo shoot? Check out cool photos for inspiration.  Have a typography project to do?  Check out the oodles of typographic inspirations!  Similar in concept […]

Hello world!

Hello world! I have been maintaining a blog for years for my students (kugraphicdesign.wordpress.com if you want to check it out!) and decided to branch out and start one for myself!  I have been teaching art and design since 2000 and run my own studio on the side. I love all aspect of design, in […]